Scholarship in Nigeria 2023 For Undergraduate Students

Are you looking Scholarship in Nigeria 2023 yes or no? If you are a Nigerian student who has just graduated from secondary school, has compiled a list of undergraduate scholarship options that will allow you to study at any university within Nigeria or abroad for the students to get fully funded scholarships.

A student who has applied for admission to a Nigerian or foreign university seeking to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree can apply for the undergraduate scholarship scheme so come and get this as soon as possible.

Latest Undergraduate Scholarships For Nigerian Students 2023

With the approaching school season, numerous universities and institutes are actively searching for the brightest and best undergraduate Nigerians for the students who are wanted to study here to get the Scholarship in Nigeria and who possess the necessary qualifications to receive financial assistance to pursue a Bachelor’s degree internationally in Nigeria.

In order to ensure you do not miss out on any of these study opportunities, we have put together information on how to apply for the scholarships available to Nigerian students for the Scholarship in Nigeria 2023

Available Scholarships For Nigerian Undergraduates 2023

It has come to our attention that scholarships are now being awarded to qualified students to study undergraduate courses at numerous universities and colleges for the students to get the Scholarship in Nigeria 2023

  1. PTDF Scholarship
  2. SEPLAT Scholarship
  3. NLNG Scholarship
  4. Jim Ovia Scholarship
  5. NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship
  6. Guinness Scholarship
  7. Agbami Medical and Engineering Scholarship
  8. MTN Scholarship For Undergraduate
  9. Shell Undergraduate Scholarship
  10. NNPC Scholarship For Undergraduate
  11. Commonwealth Scholarship For Undergraduate
  12. SEPLAT Scholarship Application
  13. MEXT Scholarship Application
  14. UCAS Scholarship For Undergraduate
  15. UNICEF Scholarship For Undergraduate
  16. Total Undergraduate Scholarship
  17. Chevron Undergraduate Scholarship
  18. NDDC Undergraduate Scholarship
  19. DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship
  20. ExxonMobil Undergraduate Scholarship
  21. World Bank Undergraduate Scholarship
  22. CIA Undergraduate Scholarship
  23. MasterCard Undergraduate Scholarship
  24. USAID Undergraduate Scholarship

Eligibility For Undergraduate Scholarship in Nigeria

For undergraduate scholarships, you must ensure that you meet all the requirements in order to be considered eligible by the scholarship awarding body so all the students must get the fully funded Scholarship in Nigeria 2023

To be eligible, you must possess the following documents so read them carefully:

  • Passport Photograph
  • WAEC Certificate
  • Passport (if studying abroad)
  • Reference/Sponsorship Letter
  • Identification of the local government of origin
  • O’level Result
  • Jamb Result
  • Birth Certificate
  • Number of National Identification (optional in most cases) for students

If you plan to study abroad, you must meet any of the following requirements so check it:

  • Become an international student to get the Scholarship in Nigeria
  • You must be a citizen or a resident of an international country other than the awarding body’s own to get the Scholarship in Nigeria
  • If the scholarship is specifically for students from developing African countries (Nigeria is included) to get the Scholarship in Nigeria
  • Applied and been accepted to the university of your choice or at least received a conditional offer for the students in the Scholarship in Nigeria to get fully funded scholarships in 2023

How To Apply For Undergraduate Scholarship

Generally, when you apply for a scholarship, you must submit your application form or letter, along with the requested documents, to the organization or university that is sponsoring the scholarship so come and apply here to achieve the Scholarship in Nigeria which is fully funded.

Nevertheless, every scholarship has its own application process, which is implemented and overseen by the awarding body for the Scholarship in Nigeria 2023.

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, a partnership between MasterCard and numerous universities for students to get Nigerian scholarships, requires that you apply directly to the scholarship webpage of the university in which you wish to study for the students in the Scholarship in Nigeria 2023

Others, such as the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship for International Students at Robert Gordon University for eligible students, require you to email your scholarship application form and supporting documents to the students in the Scholarship in Nigeria 2023

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