Confucius Institute Scholarship 2024 Study in China

For overseas students, the Confucius Institute Scholarship 2024–2025 is completely financed. Over 150 Chinese universities are offering this grant to those who want to study the Chinese language and culture. The CIS scholarship covers living and tuition costs, health insurance, and a monthly personal spending allowance.

Students all across the world are particularly fond of these scholarships. The Confucius Institute is a government organization whose mission is to advance global understanding of the Chinese language and culture.

Confucius Institute Scholarship from the Confucius Institute are available for certain Ph.D. programs, research visits, attendance at foreign conferences, and Chinese language and culture classes. Scholarships available for researchers and postgraduate students may be found by taking a look here.

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Eligibility Requirements for Confucius Institute Scholarship 2024

  1. not be of Chinese descent and be in excellent health. In order to obtain your residency visa in China, you must demonstrate that you are in excellent physical and mental health if you want to study for a duration longer than six months. For this, you must submit a properly filled copy of the application after you arrive at your intended university (it is not a necessary document during the application period). official Chinese medical form or Foreigner Physical Examination Form.
  2. The age range for applicants must be between 16 and 35 (however this can be extended to 45 years if the applicant can show that they are employed as Chinese instructors at the time of application). Scholarship recipients for undergraduate studies cannot be older than 20.
  3. A certain level of proficiency in the Chinese language is required (oral and written HSK as well as, occasionally, BCT and BCT are allowed). This prerequisite varies according to the kind of scholarship. For instance, you must obtain at least 180 points in the written HSK3 and at least 60 points in the oral HSK in order to be eligible for the scholarship to study Chinese language and culture in an academic setting. To verify the full set of linguistic criteria, click here.
  4. In the case of one-semester or four-week scholarships, you do not have studied in China before.

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Confucius Institute Scholarship 2024 Benefits

The Confucius Institute scholarship covers the following: tuition and living expenses (in a dorm room shared with another student), basic health insurance, and a monthly stipend for personal needs.

  1. 2,500 Yuan (about 350 USD) per month for Chinese language and culture courses or BTCSOL students.
  2. monthly payment of 3,000 Yuan (about 420 USD) to MTCSOL students.

It has recently been discussed that recipients of Confucius Institute Scholarship could choose to live off campus rather than live in the university resident hall. In certain situations, the Confucius Institute provides 700 Yuan a month (above and above the stipend) to help with housing costs.

Categories and Duration of the Confucius Institute Scholarship

scholarships for linguistic and cultural studies in China. Three categories exist:

  • Awards for academic year Confucius Institute Scholarship: There are two possible start dates for these 11 months: September (through July of the next year) or March (through January of the following year).
  • Scholarships offered during the academic year: The scholarship really lasts for five months.It might be the semester that runs from March to July (summer) or September to January (winter).
  • Scholarships for a four-week course: In China, one-month courses are offered either during the summer (July–August) or winter (December–January) breaks.

scholarships for aspiring Chinese teachers. Three modalities are available:

  • Confucius Institute scholarships are available for the two-year Master of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (MTCSOL) program.
  • One academic year of Chinese language and culture plus two years of MTCSOL scholarship:
  • There are three academic courses altogether.
  • Scholarship for four academic courses leading to a bachelor’s degree in teaching Chinese as a foreign language (BTCSOL).

Typically, the three Confucius Institute Scholarship for Chinese language teacher training begin in March or September. These scholarships need an online application. Throughout the procedure, the system will provide you the option to rank two of the 150 colleges around the nation that are offering this scholarship according to priority. Take a look at the universities which offer Confucius Institute Scholarship 

How to Apply for Confucius Institute Scholarship?

Please follow these steps to apply for a scholarship from the Confucius Institute:

  1. The deadline to apply for a scholarship is normally at the beginning of May (day 1) if you want to start in September, and at the beginning of November if you want to start in March.
  2. Application delivery: Get in touch with the scholarship coordinator if you are a Confucius Institute student, as this is the best place to apply for this Confucius Institute Scholarship. The online application must be submitted on the official page of the Confucius Institute scholarships 
    • Submitting the necessary paper papers is then necessary; certified copies are preferred as they won’t be returned. The person in charge of your Confucius Institute’s scholarships will be responsible for mailing them to Hanban’s headquarters, which are the Confucius Institute’s central offices in China. If you are not a Confucius Institute student, you can apply online and send the necessary paperwork to the closest Confucius Institute, a Chinese embassy or consulate in your nation, or certain testing locations or academic establishments associated with Hanban.
  • Documentation required for visa processing: Within 15 days after the result’s publication, the required documentation is delivered via postal mail. As you could have to wait more than a month to get the letter at this stage of the process, I advise you to exercise patience.

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